Every other Saturday
10:30 to 12:00

(11:30 in adverse weather)

Venue - Watchtree Nature Reserve


*Arrive 10 mins prior to the session so the register can be taken*

**All children must sign in and remember to sign out**


Bike sessions take place at the excellent facilities at Watchtree Nature Reserve and are typically held every other Saturday, starting at 10.30 am. Sessions usually last 1 hour in the winter and 1.5 hours in the summer and can be weather dependant.­


Upcoming dates:


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An extra session on Thursday evenings is also held for those in the T3 and Youth categories. Ask Kath or Dave for further information.­


A session will usually start with a cycle around the nature reserve’s perimeter to warm up, followed by a selection of training exercises designed to increase bike skills, confidence and triathlon transition techniques. On occasion, short practice duathlons are ran or a longer cycle ride on the quiet roads around Watchtree.


Parents – Spectating is possible for the training exercises but obviously more difficult for the longer rides. Feel free to watch, relax or enjoy the amazing scenery.


Kit required:

  • Bike – Racing/road bikes are best suited, mountain bikes or hybrids are also acceptable. BMXs and similar styles are not suitable.
  • Helmet – No helmet, no cycling!
  • Gloves – Watchtree is nearly always windy and can be cold, even when the sun is out. Cold hands can be very uncomfortable and make braking difficult.
  • Suitable clothing – Fitted trousers that don’t catch on bike chains are always recommended. Make sure you’re wrapped up warmly when it’s cold. Hats that fit under helmets are advised.
  • Drink – Exercise is thirsty work and staying hydrated is important. Cycle bottles that can be carried on your bike are best, or bring a backpack or carry belt.

Cycle training