Friday - 17.00 - 18.00

Venue - Varies, see emails and Facebook for more information


*Arrive 10 mins prior to the session so the register can be taken**

**All children must be signed in and signed out by a parent or guardian**

**No changing facilities are available, so turn up prepared!**



Due to the refirbishment of the Sheepmount Athletics Statium, running sessions for the summer will be held in a variety of places dependent on the session type. Emails will be issued ahead of time, and the Facebook page updated. For further information, email info@carlislejuniortri.club

A session typically involves a jog to warm up and then some training focused on various aspects of running. Relay races involving various forms of exercise are common, as is 'circuit' style­ training. The older members may occasionally go for a longer cross-country run around the surrounding area. Fitness levels vary within the club, so there will always be something suitable to your abilities.






Kit required:

  • Trainers - A good pair of running shoes without spikes. You will be doing a lot of running, so make sure they fit properly.
  • Suitable clothing - Running sessions happen in all weathers, from hot sun, to wind and rain, to frost. Make sure your clothing is appropriate to the conditions and always bring something warm to put on afterwards. If you turn up without appropriate clothing, you will not be allowed to take part.
  • Drink – Exercise is thirsty work and staying hydrated is important. Bring a non-fizzy drink in a suitable bottle.



Run training