18:00 / 18:50 / 19:40

Venue - Morton Leisure Pool

*Arrive 10 mins prior to the session to be changed and at pool side for the start*

**All parents must remember to sign in and out their children**


Swimming sessions are held at Morton Pool on Monday evenings. The first session starts at 18:00, the second at 18:50. and the third at 19:40. All sessions last 50 minutes. Sessions are usually split for ability and age, but some consideration for siblings occurs.



Due to demand, all sessions are full. If you would like to join our swim waiting list then please email Sessions are only available to members of the club who regulary attend the run and bike training sessions as well. Lack of attendance at run and/or bike sessions could result in loss of swimming place.

This is a coaching session, not a swimming lesson, so all children must be competent to at least ASA level 8, details of which can be found here, and able to keep up with a full 50 minute session. An assessment of all new swimmers will be undertaken.


If your child is unable to swim these distances, then further swimming practice is necessary. Morton Leisure pool has a number of sessions for all kinds of abilities to help in this regard. More details can be found here


A session usually consists of a few warm-up lengths, then a focus on either swimming technique, or stamina. Every three months, timings are taken where the time taken to swim the distance expected in a real triathlon is measured.


Kit required:

  • Swim hat – Triathlon competitions require the wearing of a hat to identify swimmers.
  • Goggles – Bring a spare if you have one and all goggles should be adjusted before the session so that they fit and not leak
  • Drink – Exercise is thirsty work and staying hydrated is important; you still sweat, even in a pool
  • Old t-shirt – Often used for stamina training (not every week)

The sessions also use other equipment, such as leg bands, floats and flippers. Whilst the tri-club has plenty to go around, if you have your own, feel free to use them.


Swim training

Parents – A small poolside spectators area is available; expect to get the occasional splash!